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Its our long standing relationship with our customers that has caused us to evolve into a truly diverse outlet, catering for everyone from the scooter commuter to the adrenalin fuelled sports jockey and the off road mud plugger’s.

You wont get the “pushy hard sell salesman” breathing down your neck, just friendly offer of assistance……then you can browse a bit, chat for a bit, and if you need to go away and think about it for a bit.

Once you’ve made your decision the frenzied behind the scenes activity starts, and our laid back aproach to selling is replaced by a driven commitment to get things organised and sorted as smoothly and as quickly as possible. So weather you’re taking your first steps into motorcycling or you’ve been round the world and back, we cater for every level of motorcyclists and…”we are all motorcyclists”

S6 2UB